Knowledge and Adoption of Agricultural Technologies in Marathwada

P.R. Deshmukh, R.P.Kadam and V.N. Shinde


The study was conducted in purposively selected districts of Marathwada region viz. Parbhani and Nanded during 2004-05 in order to know the adoption of fifty-four technologies recommended by MAU Parbhani during 1999-2000, 2000-2001 and 2001-2002. Result of study revealed that majority of the respondents belong to middle age group, educated up to higher secondary and agriculture is their main occupation. Majority of the respondents (81.59 %) falls under medium level of income having Rs. 10001 to 87000 per annum. Most of the respondents had medium extension contact (79.51 %) and 69.09 per cent of the respondent fall under medium sources of information Majority of the respondents (97.92 %) belong to the low level of knowledge and 81.94 per cent were falling under low level of adoption. More than half of the respondents stated constraints like costly seed, lack of information regarding seed cost, place of sale and proper guidance

Keyword: Knowledge; Adoption; Agriculture

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