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Job Satisfaction of Women Workers toward MGNREGA

Annu Devi Gora, Radhika Tanwar and Sonika Sharma


Progress of any programme greatly depends on Job Satisfaction of workers in the programme. The present study<br />was conducted in Jaipur District of Rajasthan, to measure job satisfaction level of women workers in MGNREGA. As<br />per objective of the study, information was collected by structured interview schedule. The results of study indicated<br />that women workers more satisfied with staff (81.66 MPS), “ Working hours (6 hrs) daily (85.55 MPS)â€Â, “ Mode of<br />payment (74.44 MPS), “ Facility of shade â€Â (76.11 MPS), and “ Reputation in family â€Â (78.05 MPS) and least<br />satisfied with “ Duration of guaranteed work (100 days)â€Â (60.41 MPS), “Work is as per my physical ability â€Â (61.94<br />MPS), “ Amount of wages (36.11 MPS), “ Facility of first aid box â€Â (34.44 MPS) and “Use of leisure time â€Â and<br />“ Income generation â€Â (54.72 MPS).

Keyword: Job satisfaction; Women worker

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