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Involvement of Tribal Farm Women in Decision making

Nikulsinh.M. Chauhan


Farm Women is an integral part of the human Society. Women contribute one third labors force required for farming operations and allied enterprises. They have been playing significant role in Home, farm and Allied activities. The day of the tribal farm women is starting form early morning to late evening. They remain engaged wit home, crop and livestock management throughout the day. Thus study was therefore designed to appraise the participation of Tribal farm women in decision making related to home, farm and animal husbandry practices. Results of the study reveals that tribal farm women play dominant role in making decisions related to animal husbandry enterprise. Whereas, they found recessive in decisions regarding farm operations. It is amazing to note that except home decoration, in most of the areas of home management the decision was dominated by male/husband. It indicates that the development of any family in Indian context ignoring the farm women is out of the imagination. It’s an uphill task for government, policy makers and for all to empower the farm women from each and every corner.

Keyword: Farm Women; Human Society; Enterprises,

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