Integration of Indigenous Agricultural Technologies with Modern Scientific Knowledge for Reinforcement of Natural Resources

Seema Jasuja, I.M. Khan, D.S. Bhati and J. R. Verma


Immediately after Green Revolution era, the Agricultural Scientists shifted their approach from laboratory research to farming systems research and operational research involving farmers, farm women and farming conditions. Efforts were made to move towards participatory research which of course could not be achieved up to desired level under Indian conditions due to farm women illiteracy and Scientist’s conveniences. Reversal of transfer of technology and farmer participatory research was conceived not only to understand the farmer conditions but also to revitalize the natural resources. Especially farm women have developed their strong knowledge system which is based on numerous informal experiments through generations and rigorous testing of knowledge in their farming system. This indigenous knowledge of farm practices has been embodied and integrated culturally in the farming system and the practices have been taken the shape of social norms to be followed by each and every farmer in the village social system. The alternative to participatory research could be integration of indigenous knowledge system with modern scientific knowledge for conserving the natural resources with maximum sustainability, eco-friendly and profitability. In the present study, ITK in agriculture has been collected, documented and scientifically validated. Most of the ITK’s in agriculture are being proved valid efficacious and comparable to the modern technologies which are definitely oriented towards natural resources. The proved ITK’s could be used for their specific characteristics and could be blended with the modern technologies for revitalization of natural resources. This study revealed out the utilization of these modified practices and technologies by the farm women up to the medium level of Bikaner district which should be enhanced by further modifying their attitude towards conservation of natural resources.

Keyword: Green Revolution; Laboratory research to farming systems research and operational research;

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