Innovative Models Operated for Marketing of Horticultural Produces during COVID 19 Lockdown Period 1

R. Venkattakumar , T.M. Gajanana and R. Venugopalan


A study was conducted to document the innovative models that were operated by formal and informal organizations to help the farmers/sellers to market their horticultural produces during lock down period 1 of COVID 19 Pandemic, especially in and around Bengaluru City, Karnataka, India. This paper discusses in brief about 10 such models selected using snow ball sampling procedure, operated by development departments (2), farmers producers organizations (FPOs) (2), voluntary associations (2) and private organizations/ players (4). This paper also brings about the monetary benefits realized by 75 such farmers/sellers, who benefitted through such models. Further, innovations adopted through these models towards organizing marketing of farmers' produce also are discussed here. Based on the understanding of such models, a strategic model has been proposed for reference during similar situations by the stakeholders.

Keyword: Marketing; Horticultural produces; Innovations; Lock down period 1; COVID 19 Pandemic.

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