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Information Sourcing and Managing Behavior of Dairy Entrepreneurs of Kerala

Shyam Suraj S.R. and K.S. Kadian


The study was conducted in Kerala state to comprehend the information sourcing and managing behavior of dairy entrepreneurs; by examining the frequency of contact with the information sources, available sources of training, ICT utilization, market orientation and scientific orientation. The data was collected by survey using a structured schedule and the results were exhibited in tables. The overall frequency of contact was found to be medium for majority of the dairy entrepreneurs; the results exhibiting a similar trend also in market orientation. The preferred training centers by most of the entrepreneurs were dairy cooperatives due to their proximity and flexibility. The modern day information tools like android mobiles and television were the preferred ICT sources. Scientific orientation was higher for majority of the dairy entrepreneurs signifying an encouraging impact of the information management. The multiple linear regression model showed that while experience was negatively correlated; annual income, overall frequency of contact and market orientation were positively correlated and significant with scientific orientation. Among the three geographic regions, highland entrepreneurs had high scientific orientation. Nevertheless, overall results suggest the need for extension support and training interventions to improve the information sourcing and managing behavior of dairy entrepreneurs of the state.

Keyword: Dairy; Entrepreneur; Information; Kerala; Sources; Regions.

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