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Information Needs and Information Support Services of Women Entrepreneurs in Telangana State

B. Spandana, B. Jamuna Rani, M. Preethi , K. Aparna and D. Srinivasa Chary


Entrepreneurship plays an essential role in stimulating the economic growth and generating employment opportunities. Information is required to establish and effective running of an enterprise. The present study was aimed at fi nd out information needs and information support services among women entrepreneurs. The study was conducted in three districts of Telangana state i.e Adilabad, Sangareddy and Rangareddy districts. A total of 180 respondents constituted the sample of the study. Data was collected through structured schedule and scale. The results found that most of the women entrepreneurs need technical information need and managerial information needs. The results also revealed that majority (54.44%) of the respondents had medium level information support services followed by low (23.89%) and high (21.67%) level information support services. Correlation analysis of information support services with independent variables revealed that education, annual income, socio-economic status, extension support, information seeking behaviour, mass media contact and ICT usage showed a positive significant relationship.

Keyword: Women entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs in Telangana , Women Empowerment

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