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Influence of Socio-Economic Variables on The Career Development of Women in Samastipur District of Bihar

Padmalaya Jena and Punam Kumari


The interplay of several socio-economic variables determines the status of women in any society. Women are still subjected to mistreatment and enslavement as a result of discriminatory social traditions, lack of sufficient education, and lack of professional training. The objective of the current study was to ascertain the influence of Socio-economic status of women on their career development. It was done using a sample of 120 women respondents in the Pusa block of the Samastipur district of Bihar. The findings of the study revealed that majority of the respondents (44.16%) belonged to middle age group (36-50 yrs). Most of the respondents (34.16%) had completed their high school education. More than half of the respondents (53.4%) were having a nuclear family and had upto 5 members in their family. Most of the respondents (80.7%) were housewives and 69.1 per cent of respondents reported a medium annual family income ranging between Rs 1, 60,000- Rs.4, 60,000. The study further revealed that family type and family size were found to be negatively correlated with career development at 5 per cent level, caste and income were found to be positively correlated with career development at 5 per cent level whereas Education, Occupation, Mass media, Household items and Prestige items were found to be positively correlated at 1 per cent level with it. However, variables such as Age, Marital status, House type and livestock were insignificant with career development.

Keyword: Career development; Discrimination; Gender biasness; Women.

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