Index Development and Standardization to Measure the Research Productivity of Agricultural Scientists

Apoorva Veldandi , MadhuBabu K. and Ravinder Naik V.


Research Productivity is the work outcome of the scientists in the area of research in a given period of time. Research productivity is the work outcome of agricultural scientists with a minimum of 3 years of experience in research, in form of publications, research projects undertaken, technologies developed, knowledge generated, research guidance offered, awards received, recognition achieved and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) generated. A number of indices have been used so far to assess research productivity like, h-index, g-index, AR-index RP-index and CP-index, etc. In the present study, an index comprehensively covering all the aspects that contribute to research productivity of agricultural scientists was developed. Initially 9 indicators that are assumed to measure research productivity were identified and given to 30 experts for judgement. Only those indicators with relevancy rating score more than 0.8 were selected for inclusion in the study. They were publication behaviour, research activities undertaken, technologies/ knowledge generated, research guidance and mentoring, awards and recognition, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) generation.

Keyword: Research productivity of agricultural scientists; Publication behaviour; Intellectual property rights

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