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Income Change Perception: The Study on Social Ecology of Tea Garden

S. Bera, S.K. Acharya and Ruby Kundu


The social ecology of tea gardens in North-Eastern part of India has been characterized with the polymorphic interactions amongst and between three sets of sub- ecological cybernetics viz. physical, biological and social ecology. The present study has highlighted these polymorphic interactions of income of both temporary and permanent laborers working in the tea gardens of Upper Assam with components of sub-ecologies of social, physical, biological ecology. The respondents have been 82 by count and selected through both purposive and random sampling approaches. The results show that conspicuous impact was seen in change in income of both temporary and permanent tea garden laborers in the past three decades that had treacherous effect on their living. The regression analysis has been conducted to see the causal proficiency of set of variables from the left side from X1 to X17 on the consequential character that is Income of both temporary and permanent laborers. All these .have been done to establish and estimate the pattern, direction and intensity of interaction of change in income of temporary and permanent laborers to ultimately estimate the ecological behavior of that tea garden setup to eventually derive and elicit their behavioral traits in the changing climatic, biological and physical setup in tea garden ecosystem

Keyword: Sub-ecological cybernetics; Social ecology; Polyhedral interaction; Tea garden ecosystem;

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