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Implications of Watersheds in Bringing Change in the Cropping System and its Productivity

Jitendra Chauhan, A. K. Singh, Rajan Sharma, B.S. Meena and R. P. Singh


A study was conducted in Jammu district to observe the changes in cropping pattern in watershed areas. To get first hand information, 400 respondents were interviewed from two watershed areas. It was observed that the availability of irrigation water in wells was increased in both the sites. But, recharge of wells was faster in case of watershed- 2 as compared to watershed-1.The highest positive changes were observed in the area of barley (11.67%) cultivation and negative change was observed in black gram (-6.67%) cultivation. The crop productivity of wheat and gram increased up to 43.33 and 23.08 percent, respectively after construction of watershed-1. In case of watershed –2, a decline in area of bajra and wheat was observed but the area under barley was increased up to 50.00 percent. The crop productivity of all crops was increased in the range of 15.56 to 77.78 percent. The area and productivity of vegetable crops drastically increased after construction of watersheds but highest changes were observed in watershed-2, as farmers using participatory management, were shifting from food grain to vegetable crops as they wanted regular cash flow to meet their family needs

Keyword: Cropping pattern; Partici

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