Implementation of MVC (Model-View-Controller) design architecture to develop web based Institutional repositories: A tool for Information and knowledge sharing

Vinod Kumar, Abhinav Kumar, A.K. Sharma and Dhiraj Singh


The Institutional Repositories (IR) is a very powerful idea that can serve as an essential tool for Information and knowledge sharing. IR is a new method for capturing, collecting, managing, disseminating, and preserving scholarly works created in digital form by an institution. Therefore, need arises to develop an institutional repository (IR) to maintain the information on publications in an organized and accessible manner. The existing software tools for publications information management are not well suited for evaluation purpose, particularly for agriculture research with interdisciplinary aspects. We implemented a prototype web based institutional repository for the documentation of research publications and evaluation of performance. This prototype, which supports a wide range of publication types, is designed by implementing MVC (Model- View-Controller) architecture to meet the specific requirements of agricultural research institutions and has features like advanced search option, extraction of publications statistics based on a variety of visual form based queries, etc. System developed using open source technology LAMP allows to the researchers or users to access and enters the publication data in the database themselves. Public search facility has also been provided for searching records, dynamic browsing of publication lists and exporting the contents to various formats for creation of reports. This prototype can serve as a versatile tool for monitoring progress and facilitating evaluation of research quality at the individual and institutional levels in term of publications output. Most importantly system is very useful for the students pursuing post graduate and doctoral study, to search institute publications of their research interest

Keyword: Research Publications; Research evaluation; Web-based information; MVC; LAMP system

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