Impact of Training Programme on Drip Irrigation Technology in Cotton Production in Madhya Pradesh

S.K. Badodiya ; D.K. Tiwari and S.K. Shakya


Water is as crucial for crops and vegetation as it is for humans and animals. Drip Irrigation is the most efficient water and nutrient delivery system for growing crops. Cotton is an important agro-industrial crop, used in making clothes and in the textile industry, occupying more than 11.3-million-hectare area in India. The technology transfer through training, demonstration and extension activities has been viewed as most important critical factors for increasing agriculture production. The study was conducted in Barwani district of West Nimar region Madhya Pradesh due to its having maximum number of trained farmers of KVK on drip irrigation in cotton production technology. In this study 60 trained and 60 untrained farmers were selected randomly, thus the total sample was consisted of 120 respondents for the study. Majority 60.00 per cent respondents (trained farmers) had medium category of knowledge about cotton production through drip irrigation technology. Out of the total 60 untrained farmers, majority 58.33 per cent respondents had medium knowledge about drip irrigation technology in cotton production category. Majority 58.33 per cent respondents (trained farmers) had medium adoption of drip irrigation technology in cotton production category.

Keyword: Training programme; Cotton production; Drip irrigation; Krishi Vigyan Kendra

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