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Impact of Training on Adoption of Integrated Rice-Fish Farming Practices

H. Sarma, R.K. Talukdar and P. Mishra


The present investigation was undertaken to study the impact of training on aquaculture under DBT’s Women Bioresource Complex Project in terms of extent of adoption of integrated rice-fish farming practices by women farmers. The Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat in collaboration with the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India, New Delhi had launched the Women Bioresource Complex project in three selected villages of Jorhat district of Assam. Under the project, training on integrated rice-fish farming was given to women farmers during July, 2007. A total sample of 150 women farmers, consisting of 75 trained and 75 untrained, women farmers was selected for the study. The purposive cum proportionate random sampling method was followed for selecting the respondents. The findings indicate that only few of the trained respondents had adopted the recommended practices. None of the untrained respondents were found to adopt the recommended practices. Study further revealed that majority of the adopter women had medium level of adoption of recommended practices. The findings of the correlation analysis revealed that extent of adoption of recommended practices had positive and significant relationship with operational land holding, mass media exposure and availability of fish pond. While in case of age, educational level and contact with project staff, it was positive but non significant. It can be inferred from the study that extension agencies should be geared up and should continue their efforts in accelerating the rate of adoption of different practices. The positive and significant relationship between extent of adoption of recommended practices with size of operational land holding, mass media exposure and availability of fish pond ensures the possibility of manipulating these crucial factors in order to bring about desirable changes in the adoption behaviour of women farmers

Keyword: Extent of adoption; Impact

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