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Impact of Sodic Soil Reclamation Technology : An assessment of On-Farm Trials

Y. P. Singh, S. V. S. Chauhan, H.C. Singh and Sudhir Singh


The ground water of north-eastern and southern parts of Rajasthan is having with problems of high content of carbonate, bicarbonate and sodium ions. Unavailability of good quality water for irrigation, numbers of farmers are using such problematic water for irrigation resulting in accumulation of ions and making soil unfit for cultivation. Amelioration of sodic effect of soil by deep tillage with gypsum requirement (GR)-50% and green manuring maximum improvement in the grain and straw yield was 179.5 and 149.7 % in wheat, 139.9 and 141.4 % in barley and 119.1 and 84.1 % in mustard, respectively. Next one was with the application of GR-50% with green manuring. Similar trend was followed for improvement in soil properties. Maximum net profit obtained by farmers’ in case of using deep tillage with GR-50% and green manuring was Rs 13285/ha in wheat, Rs 10850/ha in barley and Rs 8190/ha in mustard followed by GR-50% with green manuring practice

Keyword: Ground water; Carbonate;

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