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Impact of Pruning Time on Bio-Chemical Parameters of Guava (Psidium guajava L.)

S.M. Choudhary, A.M. Musmade and Ravindra Singh


The present study was conducted on seven different genotypes namely RHR-Guv-58, RHR-Guv-60, RHR-Guv-14, RHRGuv-16, RHR-Guv-3, RHR-Guv-6 and Sardar with five pruning time i.e. 15th May, 15th June, 15th July, 15th August, 15th Sept. and no pruning (control). The experiment was laid out in Factorial Randomized Block Design with forty two treatments and was replicated two times. The biochemical parameters assessed were T.S.S., total sugars (Included reducing and non-reducing), acidity, ascorbic acid, sugar: acid ratio and shelf-life of fruit. The experiment was conducted for two seasons, and results indicated that the maximum TSS of fruit (12.33 0Brix) was observed in Sardar. The maximum total sugars (8.08 %), reducing sugars (5.07 %), sugar: acid ratio (22.33) with minimum acidity (0.36 %) were recorded in G3 (RHRGuv-58) genotype. The maximum ascorbic acid of fruit (208.33 mg/100 g) and shelf life of fruit (9.75 days) was recorded in G4 (RHR-Guv-14) genotype. Fruit quality of genotypes was remained more or less similar irrespective to pruning time.

Keyword: Bio-Chemical Parameters of Guava, Psidium guajava

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