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Impact of Participatory Varietal Selection on Varietal Diversification in Northern India

Randhir Singh, Ravish Chatrath, S.C. Tripathi, Gyanendra Singh, B.S. Tyagi, S.K. Singh, Jag Shoran, Anuj Kumar, Surendra Sing


The Department for International Development (DFID) Project carried out during 2002-03 to 2004-05 in the state of Haryana (India) aimed at increasing wheat productivity in a sustainable way, promoting resource conservation technologies (RCTs) for the north western India, increasing the profitability of farmers in rice wheat system and training the farmers on RCTs and seed production. This paper is based on the findings of base line survey, wheat crop evaluation by farmers before and at maturity, and survey of 100 farmers in the project area. The project successfully achieved higher varietal replacement. Area under PBW 343 declined and other varieties of similar potential were being adopted. PBW 502 was ranked first by the farmers followed by PBW 343, HD 2687, UP 2338, WH 711, PBW 373, UP 2425, RAJ 3765 and WH 542. The year wise correlation between ranking of varieties was highly significant which supported the farmers’ perception that the performance of the varieties was consistent over the years. Mean score of PBW 502 and PBW 343 showed superiority over other varieties. The farmers preferred PBW 502 for dense earhead, bold grain and more tillering. The farmers appreciated the concept of demonstration of all the improved varieties at one site

Keyword: Participatory varietal se

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