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Impact of Participatory Micro Credit on Integrated Community Development in Uttar Pradesh

A.K. Singh and Alok K. Singh


Micro credit in India hinges on four pillars i.e. micro saving, inter loaning, micro enterprise and micro insurance. The whole micro credit system has led to empower women to a great extent and initiate small enterprises like dairy, poultry, honey production, seed production, etc. and small cottage industries at the rural level besides, meeting out social and personal expenses. On these lines a study named “Impact of Participatory Micro credit on Integrated Community Development in Uttar Pradesh.â€ was planned with objectives to study different components of participatory micro credit .Two major systems of micro credit were existing in the study area. Though the SHG was central in both systems, NGOs were main self help group promoting institution. Banks also acted as self help group promoting institution but on limited scale. Existing micro credit system included four components i. e. saving, Internal loaning, micro enterprise and micro insurance. Micro credit related activities facilitated improvement in the socio economic status of the SHG members. Micro insurance has been recently initiated and has low acceptance due to poor condition of the farmers and also because of low awareness

Keyword: Micro-credit; Micro saving

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