Impact of National Horticulture Mission on the Status of Beneficiary Farmers in Rajasthan District of India

Seema Yadav , K.C. Sharma , J.P. Yadav and Vikas Kumar


India is mainly an agriculture-based country where majority of the people are engaged in agriculture. Diversified and boosted growth in agricultural is dependent upon the development of horticulture sector. Recognizing the importance of horticulture in stimulating the growth of Indian agriculture, government of India had launched NHM for the holistic development of this sector. NHM playing a important role in increase area as well as productivity of horticultural crops through motivation of farmers, providing guidance, subsidy and other facilities. It also plays an important role in improving the living standard of the farmers. It is a centrally sponsored scheme, launched by the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India during 2005-06. Hence keeping the above facts in mind, the present study was conducted in 2020 to determine the socio-economic impact of NHM on the status of beneficiary farmers in Jaipur and Tonk districts of Rajasthan. A total of 240 beneficiary farmers were included in the sample of study. Study shows that NHM have positive impact with regard to occupation, annual income, saving pattern, expenditure, material possession, social development and employment generation of beneficiary farmers in the selected district. Thus, NHM improve overall socio-economic status of farmers.

Keyword: Socio-economic impact; National Horticulture Mission; Beneficiary farmers.

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