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Impact of Motivational Factors and Role Stress on Women Entrepreneurs in Jammu

Poonam Parihar, D. K. Singh, V.K. Sharma and R. P. Singh


The present investigation was carried out in Jammu district of Jammu & Kashmir State to know the impact of motivational factors and role stress on women entrepreneurs. Total 240 respondents were interviewed with the help of pre-tested structured interview questionnaire. The study was designed to cover women entrepreneurs operating small scale commercial enterprises in Jammu district. It was found that ‘’Liking for having an independent occupation’’ (82.5%) ranked first amongst personal motivational factors followed by ‘’Monotony of house work’’ (77.01%). ‘’Existence of business already in the family’’ (97.5%) ranked first amongst non-personal motivational factors followed by ‘’need to get over financial difficulty’’ (92.08%). Women were subjected to a greater stress as the demands of home and career at times caused conflict. Though the conflict existed, women had realized the advantage of being business women. The respondents adopted various strategies in resolving their conflict stress. They mostly resolved their conflict by ‘’ working on priorities’’ (55%).The next factor ‘’by working harder’’ does not indicate a very healthy mechanism to cope up with stress (27%). The remaining respondents accepted the situation (11%), which in fact is a positive mechanism and 7 per cent, depended on their faith in God. The women entrepreneurs, because of their urge to learn more and pay serious attention to the new entrepreneurial development programmes coupled with their desire to gain self-confidence and compete with the male entrepreneurs in all spheres and not play second fiddle to them, have indeed a better chance of adopting the modern techniques in their entrepreneurial development

Keyword: Entrepreneurial development

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