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Impact of KVK Training Programme on Socio-economic Status and Knowledge of Trainees in Allahabad District

A. K. Dubey, J.P.Srivastva, R. P. Singh and V.K.Sharma


The study was undertaken among 150 on-campus trainees and 150 off-campus trainees spread among ten purposively selected villages under five blocks under the domain of KVK Allahabad.The 15 on-campus trainees and 15 offcampus trainees were selected randomly from each selected villages. Two variables namely, respondents’ socioeconomic status and their level of knowledge about the training programme of the selected KVK were measured by utilizing pre-structured and pre-tested interview schedule. Findings of the study showed that majority (43.33 %) of on-campus trainees had medium socio-economic status followed by low (36 %) socio-economic status and only 20.67 per cent had high level of socio-economic status. However, in case of off-campus trainees, 55.33 per cent had low socio-economic status followed by 42 per cent medium level and only 2.67 per cent high level of socioeconomic status. The study revealed considerable difference between on and off-campus trainees regarding their socio-economic status. It was also found that majority (74.67 %) of the on-campus trainee respondents had high level of knowledge followed by medium level of knowledge (24 %) and low level of knowledge (1.33%), whereas in case of on-campus trainees 75.34 per cent respondents had medium level of knowledge, 15.33 per cent had high level of knowledge followed by 9.33 per cent who had low level of knowledge about the KVK training programme. This indicates that there has been a significant difference between the on and off-campus trainees with regard to their knowledge about KVK training programme

Keyword: Training; Socio-economic

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