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Impact of Kisan Mobile Advisory (KMA) On Agricultural Technology Dissemination

Omprakash Parganiha, S.K. Shrivastava, A.K. Chaubey and J.L. Nag


The experiments conducted by various institutions accumulated the rich experiences of information technology utilization in agriculture technology dissemination. Enriched with the abilities of interaction, demassification and synchronization, these technologies opened up a new way to decentralized development. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Raipur (Bhatapara) started Kisan Mobile Advisory (KMA) service in the year 2008 (October) and selected 200 (Farmers=125, In-service Personnel=50, Input Dealers=25) Mobile holder members for sending the messages of Agricultural aspects in their Mobile by using Bulk Message Service. After sending the messages for 2 years responses from the members were taken in month of October 2010. For the responses about KMA 20 percent members from each category were selected in this way 25 Farmers, 10 In-service Personnel and 5 Input Dealers were selected and interviewed through telephone by calling in their respective mobile numbers. Among three categories (Farmers, In service Personnel and Input Dealers) of members of Kisan Mobile Advisory (KMA) a case study was undertaken to document the impact of services provided to the members and fined out their satisfaction with KMA services. The result obtained indicated that message was medium understandable for large majority (44%) of the members of farmers category, it was highly understandable for 80 and 53.33 percent KMA members of In-service Personnel and Input Dealers category respectively. Message was Needful & Timely for 64 percent of the KMA members of farmers category and about 68 and 53.33 percent for In-service Personnel and Input Dealers respectively. As for as Applicability of the message is concerned the message was fully applicable for about 40 percent of KMA members of farmers category, whereas Medium & Partially applicable was reported by 16 & 24 percent of members respectively. It was also found that message was fully applicable for In-service Personnel (60%) and Input Dealers (53.33%). it was found that technology imposes high impact on 58 percent of KMA members of farmers category, whereas 72 percent and 53.33 percent members of In-service Personnel and Input Dealers category reported technology impacted highly on them. Low impact was reported by ranging about 08-20% of KMA members among all categories.

Keyword: ICT; Kisan Mobile Advisory; Mobile; Internet; Bulk Message Services;

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