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Impact of K V K Training Programme on Knowledge An adoption of Brinjal Crop Technologies in Allahabad district

A.K. Dubey & J.P. Srivastava


This study was under taken with a view to ascertain the level of knowledge and adoption of improved practices of brinjal crop as advocated by Krishi Vigyan Kendra Allahabad. Where most of the farmers are growing brinjal for commercial purposes. After assessing the training needs, complete package training programme on brinjal crop were conducted for selected brinjal growers in each village by the KVK Allahabad. Majority of trainees were aware of recent technological advancement about brinjal crop . Trainees have had better and in-depth knowledge of recent know- how about the crop .The trainees were aware of about the recent varieties, proper doses of fertilizer; irrigation management and weedicides to be applied properly in brinjal crop. Impact also reflected that trainees have had higher level of adoption of recommended practices of brinjal crops than the non-trainees.

Keyword: Knowledge, Brinjal Crop, Training Needs and Training Programme

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