Impact of Informative Videos on Farmers’ Adoption of Wheat Production Technologies in Punjab, India

Nisha , Anil Sharma and Devinder Tiwari


The study entitled “impact of informative videos on farmers’ adoption of recommended wheat production technologies in Punjab, India” was undertaken with the objective to assess the impact of informative videos on the extent of adoption of recommended practices for wheat cultivation by the farmers of Punjab, India. A multi-stage sampling procedure followed by quasi-experimental designs that use pre and post-tests and control groups was used on 240 respondents. Four informative videos on recommended wheat practices viz. seed treatment, weed management, integrated nutrient management, and safe use of agrochemicals were selected as treatments in the study. Primary data was generated between September and October 2019 using a structured interview schedule. The data were analyzed using frequency, percentages, t-test, paired t-test, and z-test. The results show that before exposure to the informative videos, their non-significant differences existed in terms extent of adoption of recommended practices of the wheat crop between the control and experimental group. However, after exposure to the videos, significant differences in the extent of adoption were observed between the experimental and control groups. The study recommends that videos can be used as an effective medium of transferring agricultural information, enhancing the adoption of recommended technologies among the farming community.

Keyword: Impact; Informative video; Extent of adoption; Quasi experimental design; Pre and post test.

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