Impact of ICT on the Yields of Crops Grown in Northern Karnataka

S.N. Upperi., B.M. Chittapur and S.N. Hanchinal


The mobility and availability of soil nutrients to the crops depends on the moisture content and nature of the soil. Drought conditions leads to boron deficiency which manifests bud necrosis in green gram and sunflower. Whereas excess rainfall or irrigation during the crop growth, leaches out nitrogen, calcium, boron and other nutrients which retards the yields through pests and diseases. To mitigate the problems, field demonstrations were conducted by supplementing the specific nutrients with need based training in farmers fields for a period of two years (2009- 2010). The results on, green gram and sunflower indicated that the crops yields were increased to the application of secondary and micronutrients to the extent of 47.0 and 25.3 per cent respectively over farmers practice, in dry land eco-system. Whereas, in irrigated conditions the yields of Cotton increased to the extent of 19.1 per cent over farmers practice.

Keyword: Soil moisture, secondary nutrients, micronutrients demonstration.

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