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Impact of Frontline Demonstration on Adoption of Improved Practices of Oilseed Crops

Anuj Kumar Singh, Kinjulck C. Singh, Y.P.Singh, D.K. Singh


This investigation is an attempt to study the impact of front line demonstration on oilseed productivity. The study was conducted in three villages of Tikamgarh block and district of Madhya Pradesh. An increase in productivity was observed due to adoption of interventions like seed testing, use of high yielding varieties, seed treatment, fertilizer application and plant protection measure. The results showed that majority (90.83%) of farmers after FLD activities adopted high yielding varieties. Difference in production was found maximum in case of sesame (195% increase) after FLD activities where as B:C ratio was found to be the highest in mustard (3.13) The study has shown that the FLD programme was found to be useful in imparting knowledge and adoption level of farmers in various aspects of oilseed production technologies. FLD practices created greater awareness and motivated the other farmers to adopt appropriate oilseed production technologies

Keyword: Front line demonstration; Adoption; Soybean; Mustard; Sesame;

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