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Impact of Food Processing and Preservation Training on Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Level of Empowerment of Rural Women

Mayuri Bora and Manoshi B. Deka


The present study was conducted to know the impact of vocational training on Rural Women in terms of their knowledge, attitude, and practice towards Food Processing and preservation and level of empowerment. The sample size for the study was 120, sixty respondents were participants of vocational training on Food Processing and preservation conducted by Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) and the remaining sixty respondents were nonparticipants. Findings of the study reflect that the highest percentage of participant respondents had a medium level of knowledge on food processing and preservation and a moderately favourable attitude towards food processing and preservation as an income-generating venture. Majority of the participant respondents fall in medium level of adoption category. However among non-participant respondents, largest percentage belonged to low adoption category. Such variation among the participant and non-participant respondents reflects effect of vocational training programmes on Food processing and preservation in improving knowledge, attitude and level of adoption. Moreover significant change in the level of empowerment among the participant respondents after the vocational training was observed in the study.

Keyword: Impact; Vocational training; Food processing and preservation; Empowerment.

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