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Impact of Farmer Producer Organization (FPOs) on Economic Empowerment of the Member Farmers

Subha Laxmi Sahoo, Sarbani Das and Biswajit Sahoo


The present study was conducted in Kalahandi district of Odisha. Date was collected from 4 FPOs selected randomly, and from each FPO 5 per cent of the total member farmers were selected by following proportionate random sampling in this way total 123 farmers were selected. Ex-post facto research design was followed. The study revealed that majority of the farmers belonged to middle age category, having primary level of education, nuclear family type, small family size (up to 4 member), majority were male, small farmers (between 2 to 11 acre of land). It was found that majority have medium level of participation in different FPOs activities, economic motivation, risk orientation and market orientation. coming to economic impact there was 50.74 per cent, 44.11 per cent, 17.73 per cent, 8.24 per cent, 43.57 per cent and 24.48 per cent change in annual income, saving, expenditure, debt, no. of earning members and overall economic level respectively after joining the FPOs. It was also found that male farmers of nuclear family of up to 4 members involve mostly agriculture along with horticulture activities of higher both participation in FPOs and market orientation have positive impact on the economic empowerment of the member farmers.

Keyword: Farmer Producer Organization, FPO, Economic Empowerment of the Member Farmers

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