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Impact of Farmer Producer Groups (FPGs) on Upliftment of Tribal Farmers in Andhra Pradesh

Katiki Srikar , M. Asokhan and C. Karthikeyan


India is a country with a greater number of small and marginal farmers who do not have the volume to benefit from the economies of scales. Farmer Producer Groups (FPGs) are a possible solution to many of the issues confronting Indian agriculture. The present study in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh was focused on examining the perceived impact of FPGs in multifaceted dimensions for better understanding of changes among the members of tribal FPGs. The study included 145 members selected through multi-stage proportionate random sampling method. Data collection was done through personal interview method with the help of well-structured interview schedule. The findings of the study concluded that the formation of FPGs had a direct impact as increase in income of ₹14924.14 on an average and indirect impact as achievement of psychological, sociological, economic and political empowerment of the tribal farmers. Among the aspects of empowerment under consideration, psychological dimension received the highest mean score of 2.64, while political dimension had the lowest mean score of 2.06. FPGs in addition to pooling inputs of tribal farmers through collective approach, is also performing diversified actions aimed at boosting their income and standard of living.

Keyword: Impact of Farmer Producer Groups (FPGs), Tribal farmers development, Tribal farmers in Andhra Pradesh.

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