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Impact of Farm Mechanization Training on Knowledge Development of Farmers: A Study in Kamrup District of Assam

L.S. Singh , Anok Uchoi and Ganesh Das


Knowledge, skill and attitudes are the most important factors affecting socio personal attributes of human resources. Adequate training is essential for farmers to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in different aspects of farming. This is more important for the farmers interested in farm machinery with the unique situation of North East India. ICAR-Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Research Centre, Kahikuchi, organizes different training and demonstration programme for to develop more skilled workforces. Keeping these in view a training programme on farm mechanization was conducted with 120 participants (n) from six numbers of blocks of Kamrup district in Assam during 2021. The study show that the majority of the respondents knowledge level were increased after participation in the training programme. It was found from the study that there is acute financial problem in purchase of farm machinery among the respondents and there is also need for more awareness and training programme for rapid farm mechanization in the region. It was also found from the study that educational qualification and previous training experience were positively and significantly correlated with the knowledge level of the respondents.

Keyword: Farm machinery; Knowledge and skill; Farm mechanization.

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