Impact of Community Radio on Investment Behaviour and Employment in Budikote, Karnataka

Rakesh Kumar K., B. K. Singh, V. P. S. Yadav and Lotan Singh


Community Radio in India is a very recent phenomenon. Most scholars agree with the fact that the condition of the poorest of the poor can be improved by providing them with the most basic information so that they can learn to sustain in their environment by most efficient use of the resources available to them and henceforth improving their worsening condition. But the information delivery strategies on development should be clear and the mistake of putting technology ahead of the community needs should not be followed. One such information and communication technology strategy is Community Radio, which caters to the need of rural community. A study was undertaken in Budikote, Karnataka with the help of Namma Dhwani Community Radio to assess the economic impact of community radio on the people’s development in Budikote. The study highlights that the overall economic impact of Namma Dhwan indicated that the overall economic impact of Namma Dhwani programmes indicated that more changes has occurred in savings which was ranked first among the economic impact dimensions which was followed by investments, income, maintenance of creditworthiness and employment opportunities were ranked second, third, fourth and fifth respectively

Keyword: Community radio; Information

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