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Impact of Audio-educational Information About Buffalo CalfManagement Practices among the Livestock Owners

S.P. Sunil Kumar, B P Singh, Mahesh Chander, Afzel Hoque Akand, Vijay Kumar and Narendra Khode


It is empirically evident from the various researches that progressive farmers, input dealers and the mass media are the most important sources of information for the farmers. Also, ICT in different forms has been widely taken up as a potential tool to disseminate the information about livestock health management amongst the farmers. In this direction, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izat nagar has developed an audio-educational information aid on scientific buffalo calf management which was disseminated by transferring the information via memory card of mobiles phones owned by the livestock owners. A total of 140 respondents (70 from the exposed villages and 70 respondents from the unexposed villages) were selected for the present study for assessing the impact of audio educational aids on knowledge and adoption of buffalo calf management practices. Results revealed that majority of the respondents of exposed group had higher knowledge and adoption level about scientific buffalo calf management practices viz. new born care, calf feeding, vaccination, deworming and hygiene & sanitation in comparison to the respondents of unexposed group.

Keyword: Adoption; Audio-educational aids; Impact; Knowledge;

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