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Impact Assessment of Technologies Developed and Commercialized by Defence Food Research Laboratory : A Case Study

Pal Murugan M., Anil Dutt Semwal and H.V. Batra


It is important for every Research and Development (R&D) organizations especially government funded organizations to assess their impact on the technologies developed and transfer of the same for commercialization and large scale adoption among the potential users in order to shape its R & D and to meet the global competition. Mostly, the impacts of government funded R&D organizations were measured in terms of cost of investment, products and technologies developed, human resources development, publications etc. Only very few number of attempts were made to study the impact of R&D organisations in terms of technology development and commercialization. With this brief a study was conducted to analyse the impact of Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Mysore in terms of technology development, commercialization, spread across the nation, resources generation and adoption among Indian food industries. The study on R & D impact revealed that a total of 467 products and technologies were developed by acquiring 118 projects during 1964-2013. A significant compound growth rate of 6.20 per cent and 3.80 per cent were achieved on products and technologies development and projects acquired. By transferring 438 technologies to 251 entrepreneurs, DFRL paved the way for development more number of food industries in India. The study on technology spread showed medium to high level spread across different region of India

Keyword: Compounded growth rate; Transfer of technology; Technology acquisition; Technology spread index;

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