Impact Assessment of Adoption of Innovative Jute Production Technologies Developed by ICAR-CRIJAF

Devayan Chatterjee and Sagar Mondal


ICAR- Central Research Institute of jute and allied fibres (CRIJAF) has developed a technology cluster of four diff erent technologies- CRIJAF SONA, CRIJAF Nail Weeder, Multirow seed drill and improved seed variety JRO 204 (Suren). It has promised to increase the productivity of the jute fibres at the same time reduce the cost of cultivation by cutting off the labour requirements. In this context the villages of 24 Parganas (N) and Nadia districts of West Bengal were selected where the institute has already disseminated its innovative technologies. Two categories of 40 farmers, consisting of adopter and non-adopters, each from the two villages were selected in order to carry out the study in the year 2021. Total 160 respondents were selected as sample. The objective was to determine the impact of the interventions on the fibre yield, cost of cultivation, income and labour requirement in the jute farming using z-test as well as paired t test. The results revealed that adoption of the innovative jute production technologies have indeed brought positive impact by increasing the fibre yield and income as well as reduced the labour requirement and cultivation costs.

Keyword: Adoption; Innovative jute production technologies; Impact assessment; Innovative technologies.

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