K. Suman Kalyani and K.Deo Singh


The rural farm women have multifarious roles which demand more time and effort. Gender equality in matters of economic social and political significance is a fundamental right guaranteed by our constitution. Challenges and concerns in revitalizing the extension system is the need of the hour. The present study makes an attempt to analyse the behavioural components of the ex-trainees of KVK. The total sample of the study comprised of 100 rural women drawn purposively by quota sampling method from 10 different villages of 2 mandals from east Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The impact of the extension training programmes on the ex-trainees was studied through a general information schedule. The impact analysis indicated that the socio economic status, the living standard of the women, access to power and resources, social support and the entrepreneurial activities have increased tremendously. The personality profile shows the self efficacy, self esteem, locus of control, decision making behaviour, risk taking behaviour, communication skills of rural women have been increased tremendously. The post training behaviour indicates that there is a dramatic change in the behavioural component of the women trainees. It indicates that a qualitative change in the extension system with a gender concern can play a vital role towards development of the country.

Keyword: Multifarious; Self efficacy; Self esteem; Decision making behaviour; Risk taking behaviuor

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