Identifying the Factors of Social Dynamics among the Drip Users - A Socio-Technological Enquiry

C. Karpagam


Social-dynamics exists in a society plays a major role in adoption of any technologies and determined by various external and internal factors. Identification of the the factors influencing the social dynamics is one of the arduous tasks in front of the social scientists. This research paper tries to ascertain the factors responsible for social dynamics among the different categories of drip users. Three different categories of drip users viz sugarcane, onion and leaf banana growers were selected for the study. From each category, 40 respondents were selected based on proportionate random sampling method and thus 120 respondents were constituted for the study. The present study was carried out in Coimbatore South and Udumalpet taluk of Coimbatore district with the objective to quantify the overall social-dynamics exists among the respondents as well as to find out the factors responsible for socialdynamics. Principle component analysis and factor analysis reveled that social dynamics of a society could be determined by the factors such as social structure, social network and social issue. Among these factors, social structure accounted for the maximum percentage of the total variance on the overall social-dynamics followed by social network and social-issues factors

Keyword: Social dynamics; Drip users; Social dynamics indicators; Factors of social dynamics;

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