Identification of Climate Smart Agricultural Practices in North Eastern States of India

Mayanglambam Victoria Devi1, R.J. Singh, Loukham Devarani, L. Hemochandra, Ram Singh and Binodini Sethi


Climate change has significantly impacted agriculture in food production. Agriculture not only victim of climate change but also contribute in generating greenhouse gases. To increase agricultural production without further increasing greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural activities, Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) has been introduced. The domains of Adaptation, Mitigation and Food Security apropos of CSA practices and its dimensions need to be ascertained before its dissemination and hence it requires appropriate examination. The study unveiled that agricultural practices viz., ‘Farming system model for food & nutritional security’ and ‘Integrated organic farming system model’ were the first and second important CSA practices taking into consideration the composite score on the portfolios of Nutrient, Water, Soil, Carbon, Energy and Knowledge Smart dimensions of CSA practices. Further, the study also identified CSA practices viz., ‘Enriched compost prepared from local biomass’ and ‘In-situ soil moisture conservation in Maize-mustard cropping system’ under Adaptation; ‘Bio char for acid soils amelioration & soil carbon sequestration’ and ‘Multi-tier IFS for hills’ under Mitigation; and ‘Micro irrigation for high value crops’ and ‘Farming system model for food & nutritional security’ under Food Security. On administering the Jonckheere -Terpstra Test for testing the conformity given by respondents of the study, it was divulged that the CSA practices in the domains of Mitigation and Food Security were significant @ 1% level of significance with p-values of 0.001 and 0.006 respectively; however the CSA Practices in the domain of Adaptation was found insignificant having p-value 0.786. The research strongly advocates that more research and refinement are needed to generate champion CSA options for effective adoption by farmers.

Keyword: Climate change; Climate smart agriculture; Adaptation; Mitigation; Food security

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