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How do Farmers get Information about Drip Irrigation: A Case of Rajasthan

Anisha Modi and P. Gopinath


†œ How do farmers get information about drip irrigation ? â€ is the central research question that this study enquires. The results are based on purposively selected 80 farmers from two villages of Rajasthan. The empirical data collected using structured questionnaire suggest that information reaches to farmers through four sources, namely (1) retailer and salesmen, (2) fellow farmers, (3) television (T.V.), and (4) newspapers. Also, the study uncovers a strong nexus between caste and information diffusion. Furthermore, while carrying out field survey, we found dominant caste farmers manoeuvring subsidy money meant for the SC/ST farmers. The study concludes that policy level efforts are required to ensure uniform dissemination of information to all, particularly the marginalised caste farmers so that they not only acquire precise details about an agrarian technology but also avail the benefit of a government scheme meant for them. Key words: Caste; Drip irrigation; Farmer; Information; Subsidy scheme;

Keyword: Drip Irrigation: A Case of Rajasthan, Farmers,

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