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Histo-Architectural Study of Beak of Pigeon (Columba Liviadomestica) With Reference to Geomagnetic Field Perception

P.M. Gedam, N.C. Nandeshwar, A.M. Salankar, P.M. Shirsikar and J.A. Kesharkar


The anatomy of birds play an important role in migration and navigation, as they have super efficient haemoglobin, four chamber heart, lung and air sac system and hollow bones for flying. Histological study support that the delicate iron containing structures in the skin of upper beak of pigeons serve as biological magnetometer. The present study was carried out on beaks of six different pigeons of either sex. Histo-architectural studies indicated the presence of iron deposits in the sections of beak. These iron deposits in the most rostral part of birds streamline the body and might be helping the migratory birds for the navigation in line with the earth’s magnetism.

Keyword: Pigeon, Migration, Navigation, Beak, Iron, Biological magnetometer

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