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Harnessing Productivity Potential of Small Millets in Himalayan Hills

Rashmi Yadav and V. P. Yadav


The demonstrations were laid out in farmers’ fields to show the potential of the technologies generated to the growers as compared to local practice usually followed by the farmers in the locality in order to increase the production of millet crops viz: finger millet & barnyard millet. Full recommended package of practices were demonstrated along with the local check plots where existing farmers’ practice was kept. This study clearly elucidated that it will be appropriate to use the total package of technologies developed by the scientists for boosting the productivity. Yield of demonstrations was significantly higher (16.5 q/ha & 16.6 q/ha) as compared to local check plots (10.5 q/ha & 9.88 q/ha) for finger millet & barnyard millet, respectively. There was 53.5 to 61.3 per cent increase in yield over local check for Finger millet & for Barnyard millet which was increased 53.5 to 101.8 per cent. By conducing effective frontline demonstrations of proven technologies, yield potential of the crop can be increased to a great extend

Keyword: Small Millet; Package of

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