Sadhna Pandey, B. S. Meena and Purushottam Sharma


Animal rearing is the second main occupation of Indian farm families and makes a big contribution by providing regular income for their livelihood. Therefore, the present study has been conducted to find out the gender involvement in planning and performing the various activities of animal rearing in Jhansi district of U.P. For that purpose 200 farm families were interviewed and found that most of the decisions were taken by both male and female farmers by consulting each other (48.50%) whereas only 18.30 per cent female farmers took decisions. The overall contribution of female farmers in performing heavy activities was higher ( 36.14%) followed by both male and female farmers. Same trend was also observed in case of moderate activities. In light type of activities, the overall contribution of male farmers was found higher (38.50%) than the contribution of female farmers (27.50%) and both male and female farmers (34.00%). Therefore, it is recommended here to explore the causal factors for the low participation of female farmers in the decision-making and take immediate steps for empowering them by providing latest scientific knowledge and skill through effective and appropriate channel so that they can help, motivate and influence the male farmers in taking accurate decisions for making the business more profitable. Key words:

Keyword: Gender; Workload; Decision making; Animal rearing

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