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Gender Participation and Constraints Analysis for Implementation of Tribal Sub Plan in West Bengal

Sukanya Barua and Monika Wason


Tribal Sub Plan (TSP), a strategic policy initiative to secure overall development of the STs, was first introduced in the Fifth Five Year Plan. The main focus of TSP is substantial reduction in poverty and unemployment of the STs and also creation of productive assets in their favour to enhance livelihood opportunities on a sustainable basis. This study was conducted in Jalpaiguri district of WestBengal to measure gender based participation and evaluate various constraints for sound implementation of TSP and also to suggest suitable strategies for its smooth functioning. Male respondents were found to be more engaged in TSP activities than female respondents and the difference is found to be significant. Economic constraint was found to be the most significant followed by promotional, infrastructural and social constraints. Delay in getting loan as economic constraints, inefficient field workers as promotional constraint, poor communication facilities as infrastructural constraints and lack of family encouragement as social constraints were found to be severe. Promotion of diversification in farm and nonfarm activities, promotion of tribal co-operatives and provision of better educational facilities were suggested as strategy for smooth functioning of TSP.

Keyword: TSP; Constraints; Gender; Participation; Strategy;

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