Gender Analysis of Constraints Faced By Dairy Cooperative Society Members

Punam K. Yadav and Indu Grover


The objective of the present investigation was to investigate the gender profile and constraints of members of dairy cooperative societies (DCS). The study was conducted in Haryana State, India on a sample of 200 members of dairy cooperative, comprising of 100 men and 100 women drawn from 10 villages of two districts viz. Hisar and Mahendergarh. It was revealed that majority of men and women (55 and 70 %) were in middle age group of 35 to 50 years, men had higher educational status with 40 per cent men up to matriculation and 40 per cent women in illiterate category, 60 per cent men and 55 per cent women had nuclear family. Majority of men had animal health care and management constraint followed by personal constraint, organizational constraint, educational constraint and milk supply and payment constraint whereas majority of women had educational constraint followed by personal, animal health care and management, milk supply and payment constraint and organizational constraint, respectively. The spearman ranks order correlation reveals that the ranks are not consistent. The gender analysis of constraints indicated that majority of both men and women had minor constraints followed by moderate and major, respectively. The chi-square value was found to be significant, which shows that the educational and personal constraints are closely associated with gender. Association of profile variables with constraints revealed that for men land holding, occupation of respondents, family education status, total annual income and material possession were found to be significantly associated with constraints while in case of women significant variables were education, size of family, land holding, family education status and type of family.

Keyword: Dairy cooperatives; Gende

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