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Gap in Adoption of improved Pulse Production Technologies in Uttar Pradesh

R. Roy Burman, S. K. Singh and A. K. Singh


Pulses on account of their vital role in nutritional security and soil ameliorative properties have been an integral part of sustainable agriculture since ages. They had been grown with cereals not only for meeting the diversified household needs in the country but also for maintaining favourable equilibrium in agricultural production system. In spite of appreciable advances in the technology front, pulses production in the country has shown only marginal increase during the past two and a half decade, because pulses have been pushed into low endowed lands with more risk prone situations. The present study was undertaken in Hamirpur and Kanpur Nagar districts of Uttar Pradesh to delineate pulse-based cropping systems, related technologies and identify the gap in technology adoption. The major pulse based cropping systems of district Hamirpur are Pigeonpea + sorghum (mixed cropping), Urdbean – wheat, Urdbean – chickpea, Fallow – lentil and Fallow – chickpea whereas in district Kanpur Nagar Pigeonpea + sorghum (mixed cropping), Urdbean – wheat and Maize – chickpea are the major pulse based cropping systems. Gap in technology adoption in major pulse crops both in rainfed and irrigated cropping had been identified. The overall gap in adoption of technologies was more in rainfed situation than irrigated situation

Keyword: Adoption gap; Pulse crops

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