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Functioning of an Android app “TNAU Paddy Expert System” and its User’s Feedback Sentiment Analysis

Karthikeyan Chandrasekaran and Aravindh Kumar S.


TNAU paddy expert system app is a system that links people and institutions to promote mutual learning and utilize agriculture-related technologies, knowledge, and information. The present study expounded on the functions of an android app “TNAU paddy expert system”, also it was intended to find out the nature of feedback provided by the TNAU paddy expert system app users and to foster the application more for effective usage through the feedback provided by the users. The feedback and ratings were collected from the TNAU Paddy expert system app (both in English and Tamil version) page in the open-source platform viz., Google play store, a total of 63 reviews and 109 users’ ratings were collected from the application interface present in the Google play store to find out the nature of feedback and the level of satisfaction of the users. Sentiment analysis was carried out with the help of ‘MS Excel 365’ and ‘azure machine learning’ software. Then the data was also subjected to factor analysis with the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) 16.0, to fi nd out the major opinions that were expressed by the TNAU Paddy expert system app users. TNAU Paddy expert system the app was the application of scientific research which imparts the scientifically proven paddy technologies and agricultural practices for the betterment of the farming community, that aid farmers to make the right decisions at the needed time and through crop doctor component it helps them by protecting their crop and reducing the time and cost.

Keyword: Society of Extension Education, TNAU Paddy Expert System, m-Agri application

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