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Front Line Demonstration Trial of Barley Cv. Nurboo on Farmers Field in Cold Arid Kargil Region of J&K

H. K. Rai, A.H. Mughal, V.K. Sharma, S.K. Singhal and Manoj Panday


In the present study performance of barley variety Nurboo (SBL-4) against local check was evaluated through front line demonstrations conducted at farmer’s field during kharif / summer season of 2008, 2009 and 2010. A total of 54 demonstrations were laid on 5.0 ha area in 35 villages across 6 blocks of Kargil district. Sowing was done using residual soil moisture of snow melt from 15th April to 15th May every year. Package of practices as developed for the region were strictly followed. Recommended seed rate i.e. 250 kg ha-1 against existing farmers practice of using 600 kg ha-1 (local check) was broadcasted and nutrients i.e. N, P & K in the ratio of 100: 50: 40 kg ha-1 were applied through DAP, MOP and Urea. The variety performed much better compared to local check and an average grain yield of 25.3 q ha-1was recorded which was 82.40% more than the local check. Straw yield also recorded an increase of 82.25% over local check. In spite of increase in yield both in grain and straw, technological and extension gaps existed which was 14.8 &11.5 q ha-1 respectively. The extension gap can be bridged by popularizing package of practices where in stress need to be laid on use of proper seed rate and balanced nutrient application. Economics of growing released variety of Barley Nurboo (SBL-4) recorded a net income of Rs. 58,087/- per hectare which is 191.79% more compared to net income from local check

Keyword: Barley; Cold arid region;

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