Focusing on the Involvement of Women Dairy Farmers in Decision Making Process at Manipur

K. Pradhan, Yanglem Lakshimai Devi, Rema Das, Avishek Saha, Victor Sarkar and Bablu Ganguly


In the light of sustainable development there is a need to focus on the alternative livelihood for the empowerment of the rural women and sustainability of the development dimensions. In this aspect, dairy enterprise is one of the important sources of income in which women plays an integral part to supplement their family expenditure. Under such a situation, the study envisages the degree of involvement of women dairy farmers in decision making process regarding managing the dairy enterprise and factors associated with it. The study was conducted at three blocks in Manipur State. Purposive, multi-stage and simple random sampling procedures were followed in the present study. Total hundred women dairy farmers were selected as the respondents for final data collection. The decision involvement index is the concerned predicted variable in the present study. Other than these 19 predictor or independent variables were considered to characterize the predicted variables in a consulted way. The data were collected with the help of structured interview schedule through personal interview method. The data were processed into the statistical tools like frequency, percentage, range, mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, coefficient of correlation, multiple regression analysis etc. The results showed that the majority of the respondents are under the group of low level of involvement in decision making. The results indicated that the variable management orientation is negatively and significantly associated with the involvement of women in decision making process regarding dairy farming and also is negatively and significantly contributing towards characterizing the decision making involvement of women in dairy farming. All the variables put together had explained only 28% variations embedded within the variable decision involvement index and it also indicates the inclusion of more number of contextual variables in the present study.

Keyword: Involvement of women; Dairy farmers; Decision making; Management orientation;

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