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Farmers’ Knowledge on Feeding Practices of Dairy Animals in Jhansi District

B. S. Meena, A. K. Singh, Jitendra Chauhan and Gopal Sankhala


The study was conducted in Jhansi district of Bundelkhand region. It was found that majority of the respondents (69.58 %) had the medium level of knowledge regarding feeding practices of dairy animals. The highest extent of knowledge was observed on dry animal feeding practices (69.60%) followed by feeding of heifers i.e. 65.82 percent, and lowest was observed in the feeding of calves (43.08%). Further it was found that large farmers hold maximum knowledge up to the extent of 60.57 percent and lowest knowledge was possessed by medium farmers (57.17%), where as remaining three categories of farmers were having near about 58 percent extent of knowledge in relation to scientific feeding practices of dairy animals. On the whole the respondents of the study area were having 58.66 per cent extent of knowledge on scientific feeding practices of dairy animals. The path analysis indicated that risk orientation was the most potent variable in effecting the knowledge of farmers positively

Keyword: Dairy animals; Farmers fe

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