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Farmers’ Knowledge about Photovoltaic Water Pumping System in Haryana

Anil Kumar, Ashok Kumar Godara, V.P.S. Yadav, and S.K. Mehta


The study was conducted in purposively selected Hisar, Rohtak and Jhajjar districts of Haryana state with selected 61, 47 and 33 number of PWPS adopted farmers from each district, respectively and an equal number of non beneficiaries adjoining to the beneficiaries€™ farm were also selected. In this way a total number of 282 respondents i.e. 141 beneficiaries and 141 non-beneficiaries were included in the sample for the study. A significant majority of respondents two third (67.38 %) had medium level of technical knowledge, general knowledge (72.34 %) and overall knowledge (70.22 %) by the adopted respondents. Social participation, material possession, education, socio-economic status, extension contact, source of income, risk orientation, change proneness and fatalism / scientism were found to be positive and having significant correlation. However, in case of non adopted farmers’ only two variables viz., socio-economic status and risk orientation were found to be positive with significant correlation with knowledge about PWPS. The regression coefficient of adopted farmers’ education, family type, socio-economic status, extension contact, source of income, risk orientation and change proneness were found to have positive and significant. However, in case of non adopted farmers, education, socio economic status and risk orientation had positive and significant regression coefficient with the farmers’ knowledge level

Keyword: PWPS; Knowledge

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