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Farmers’ Experience with ICTs on Transfer of Technology in Changing Agri-rural Environment

B. L. Dhaka and K. Chayal


There is an increasing realization about the potentialities of Information and Communication Technology (lCT) in dissemination of agricultural technologies among the farmers. The extensive use of modern information technology needs to be promoted for communication between researchers, extension workers and farmers to transfer technologies and information in a cost effective manner. The use of ICT is an important pillar of agriculture extension. Here, attempt has been made to analyze the reaction of the farmers towards ICT as a source of reliable and timely information about best production practices, processing, marketing, input and output prices, financial and risk covering institutions etc. The favourable attitude of farmers towards ICT as an effective and efficient information support tool would lead to stronger conviction and efficient extension programme planning. The focus of this study was on the attitude of farmers towards Information and Communication Technology as a source of information. Stratified random sampling technique was used in the selection of seventy five farmers as the sample for the study. A pre-tested structured interview schedule was used to elicit information from the respondents. The data were analyzed using appropriate statistics tool. The findings showed that majority of the farmers had favourable attitude towards the Information Technology

Keyword: Agriculture, Information,

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